Your plans were just cancelled and you're home alone. Usually you go out and meet friends. Not this evening. You turn on your laptop, put some music on and subconsciously you'll start searching for something easy that will make you feel better. You talk to a stranger in a chat room as if you were meeting him at a bar. You feel safe because you're home. You prepare a drink. A snack. You talk. You vent.

It's so much easier to occasionally vent with a stranger who will not judge you. You know you're being shot. You feel good doing so. You feel that you have someone giving you the attention you need at this moment that you feel lonely. You expose yourself. You play. You laugh. You talk. You pose. Naturally. Being yourself, feeling safe, shot by a stranger. A stranger that you can trust.

"B Shot by a Stranger" is a new photograph's exhibition/book project by Gonzalo Bénard.

(young loners needed)

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B Shot by a Stranger